Water Quality Monitoring and Modeling

Prompton Lake, Wayne County, Pennsylvania  

F. X. Browne, Inc. was retained by the Friends of Prompton State Park to perform watershed studies, identify potential sources of non-point source pollution throughout the lake’s watershed, and develop a watershed management plan. We conducted water quality monitoring at the lake throughout an entire growing season and developed a pollutant budget for the lake. We worked with volunteers to assess and document nonpoint source problem areas in the watershed. Information obtained during the watershed tours were used to recommend restoration alternative methods with respect to cost, effectiveness, environmental impacts, and their applicability to the Prompton Lake watershed area. The final outcome of the project was a comprehensive watershed management plan for the Prompton Lake watershed.

Eleven Lakes , Union County, New Jersey  

F. X. Browne, Inc. has worked with Union County since 1995. We prepared Watershed Management Plans for 11 of their 30 County lakes and are currently helping to implement those management plans. For each lake, we collected water samples for a six month period, conducted laboratory analysis, evaluated all water quality data, conducted macrophyte and bathymetric surveys, evaluated land use, soils, slopes, geology, wetlands and other features of each watershed, conducted detailed watershed investigations to identify nonpoint source pollution problem areas, developed restoration alternatives for each problem, ranked problems, and developed comprehensive watershed management plans. The watershed management plans included both in-lake and watershed-based controls to help improve water quality conditions in the lakes.

Once the watershed management plans were prepared and adopted by the County, we began and continue to assist the county in implementing the plans. We have designed a dredging project for Lake Surprise which was completed in 2003. We also designed 6 stormwater BMPs and one agricultural BMP (animal waste storage facility) within the Watchung Park surrounding Lake Surprise. These BMPs are permitted and should be put out to bid for construction in the near future. Additionally, we have designed a dredging project for Upper Echo Lake and Cedar Brook Lake. The Cedar Brook Lake Project also includes detailed shoreline stabilization of the entire lake shoreline including bioengineering and natural stabilization areas, fishing areas, and a seat wall. A lake aeration system was designed for Cedar Brook Lake. F. X. Browne, Inc. also prepared conceptual designs of infiltration areas and bioretention systems in the Cedar Brook watershed to treat stormwater runoff before it enters the lake. F. X. Browne, Inc. is also working with Union County on the restoration of Warinanco Park Lake. We have designed shoreline stabilization measures for the lake that will be constructed this spring. We designed modifications to an existing lagoon just upstream of the lake to convert it into a constructed wetland that will treat stormwater prior to entering the main lake. In addition, we designed kiosks and fact sheets for public display at Lake Surprise, Cedar Brook Lake, and Warinanco Park Lake.