Stream Restoration
Cooks Creek Restoration, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
F. X. Browne, Inc. designed stream restoration measures for 750 feet of Cooks Creek in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. 
We used HEC-RAS modeling and natural channel design assessment techniques to determine channel hydraulic and geomorphic properties within the project area. We designed a willow post-stabilization system for the downstream portions of the project area. The design included grading of the banks to a 2:1 slope, installation of willow posts to protect the bank toe, and revegetation of the upper bank areas using a custom wildflower seed mix.  Our design also included the placement of three J-hook rock vane structures within the stream channel to alleviate stress on the eroding banks, increase pool depth, and improve in-stream habitat.  The stream restoration design targeted erosion control measures to specific areas of the streambank to maximize the retention of existing bank vegetation.
F. X. Browne, Inc. designed a tree-revetment stabilization system for the upper portion of the restoration area.  This system allowed for the stabilization of the bank without grading or structural stabilization.  Using this approach, we were able to retain the high-quality aquatic habitat in the area while still achieving adequate stabilization of the banks