Our Founder

Frank X. Browne, Ph.D., P.E. founded F. X. Browne in 1977
One of the initial leaders in the field of environmental engineering,
Dr. Browne has been at the forefront of planning, protecting and preserving natural resources in North America. 

In addition to building F. X Browne inc.,  Dr. Browne teaches graduate level courses in 'Stormwater Management' and 'Lake, Stream and Wetland Ecology' at Villanova University. He has expertise in stormwater management, lake and stream ecology, watershed management, low-impact site development, and wastewater management.

Frank is a thought leader in his field and has published numerous scientific articles. He presented regional environmental workshops on stormwater and watershed management, and he has presented scientific papers at conferences throughout the country.
Dr. Browne is a co-founder of the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS). He was the president of NALMS in 2018. Dr. Browne also founded the Pennsylvania Lake Management Society (PALMS) and was the first PALMS president.