Borough of Perkasie Stream Restoration

F. X. Browne, Inc. designed a bioengineering stabilization project to address severe erosion problems along 700 linear feet of an island within the East Branch Perkiomen Creek.  The island is a valuable historical, natural, and cultural resource for the Borough of Perkasie.  The design consisted of grading one side of the island, while extending the other side of the island using a vegetated geogrid technique.  Using this approach, the amount of usable space on the island was maintained, and the majority of large trees on the island were preserved.  A customized native seeding mix and shrub planting plan were developed to provide both excellent erosion control and improved aesthetics.

F. X. Browne, Inc. used HEC-RAS modeling to determine shear stress and velocities for the design discharge.

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Before and After pictures of the Borough of Perkasie Stream Restoration

Project Construction - April 2002

Cofferdam Installation Boulder Toe Installation Completed Boulder Toe Installation Temporary Stream Crossing
Boulder Toe Foundation for Vegetated Geogrid Installation Live Material Delivery Vegetated Geogrid Installation - First Layer of Live Material Vegetated Geogrid Installation
 - Branch Layering
Fine Grading Vegetated Geogrid Installation Vegetated Geogrid Installation - Adding Soil Fill

Final Installation

Vegetated Geogrid Completed Installation Boulder Toe and Graded Bank Vegetated Geogrid Completed Installation Vegetated Geogird Completed Installation

Project Update 5/06/02

Willow Shoots from a Vegetated Geogrid

Project Update 6/04/02

Vegetated Geogrid Island Surface Vegetated Geogrid

Project Update 9/02/02

Vegetated Geogrid Growth Vegetated Geogrid Growth

Project Update 10/03/02

Vegetated Geogrid Boulder Toe and Graded Bank Boulder Toe and Graded Bank

Project Update - June 2003

Vegetated Geogrid Growth Vegetation Growth above Boulder Toe Wildflowers Blooming on Graded Bank


Project Update - July 2004


For more information on the Borough of Perkasie Stream Restoration Project please call 215-362-3878 or email  Please visit the services section of our website for information.