Environmental Data & Resource Links


The following are environmentally related resources on the Internet selected for their potential to be of interest to a wide range of environmental professionals and the interested lay public. 

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March 2009 -
Stormwater Runoff Calculator

A new website has been set up for a storm water runoff calculator, which can be used as an awareness tool for consideration and design of alternative approaches to storm water management. This calculator can give estimates on how to keep post-development stormwater runoff equal to or less than pre-development stormwater runoff.  The "StormUlator's" web site can be found at http:// www.stormulator.com

February 2009 -
NPS Encyclopedia is Online Resource for Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Info 

The NPS Encyclopedia is a free online reference guide designed to facilitate a basic understanding of nonpoint source (NPS) pollution control and to provide quick access to essential information from a variety of sources. The purpose of this online resource guide is to support the implementation and development of NPS total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) and watershed action plans with a goal of protecting high quality waters and restoring impaired waters. http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/water_issues/programs/nps/encyclopedia.shtml 

January 2009 -
eGovernment Engineering

Government Engineering is an online and print resource for engineering professionals. This excellent publication includes articles from around the US on such topics as water, stormwater, solid waste, wastewater, erosion control, street maintenance, transportation and bridges, traffic, technology in public works, fleet maintenance, grounds maintenance and recreation, and pipeline engineering.  http://www.govengr.com/index.htm 

December 2008 -
Watershed Forestry Resource Guide

The Watershed Forestry Resource Guide, a new online resource for all things related to forests and their role in watershed and stormwater management has been launched by the Center for Watershed Protection and the USDA Forest Service Northeastern Area. The website contains pages specific to forest planning and assessment; reducing stormwater runoff; forest-friendly development; and planting and maintaining trees. The site includes fact sheets, slideshows, how-to videos, training exercises, research papers, reports, and essential websites. A webinar to launch the Guide, released on December 2, will soon be posted on the site as well.

November 2008 -
Water Efficiency Resource Library Launched 

The Alliance for Water Efficiency has announced the formal launch of a comprehensive web-based Water Efficiency Resource Library, in cooperation with the U.S. EPA. Library sections cover residential plumbing and appliances, toilet testing, landscape and irrigation, commercial and industrial water conservation, water rates and rate structures, water loss control, codes and standards, drought planning, and numerous other topics. Research reports, published documents, and case studies are included, providing a comprehensive picture of what water efficiency measures prove to be the most successful, and how water utilities and consumers can best achieve water efficient use. Upcoming features being added to the site are state-by-state summaries and an on-line discussion forum.

October 2008 -
New ASWM Wetland Mapping Site

The Association of State Wetland Managers has a new webpage on wetland mapping that will serve as a jumping-off point for people involved with mapping projects around the country. The site includes helpful wetland mapping program links, publications, news articles, and other resources. Future plans for the site include an online forum for those involved with wetland mapping projects to find out what other folks are doing in their programs.