Stream Restoration

White Clay Restoration Project
Chester County, Pennsylvania

F. X. Browne, Inc. is currently designing a natural channel design restoration for approximately 3,000 linear feet of the White Clay Creek in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  The design will use a reference reach approach to reestablish stable channel geometry throughout the project area.  The design will also restore natural meander geometry and pool/riffle morphology to the stream.  The final restoration design will include a variety of aesthetic elements including native wildflower shrub and tree plantings as well as public access points, benches, and walking trails.  The design will use bioengineering techniques such as live staking, live fascines, and brush layering to provide stability for newly established streambanks and will restore a functioning riparian buffer to the stream within the project area.  A variety of flow deflector structures including single-wing rock vanes, cross weirs, and J-hook rock vanes will be installed to enhance and maintain hydraulics throughout the redesigned channel.


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