Water Quality Monitoring and Modeling

F. X. Browne, Inc. has a nationwide reputation in the study and modeling of lakes and streams.  We have written chapters in nationwide EPA Manuals and in two McGraw-Hill environmental handbooks.  F. X. Browne, Inc. performs all water quality management studies in house and has full capability to collect and evaluate water quality and biological samples from streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.  

Most of the watershed management projects performed by F. X. Browne, Inc. include the monitoring of water quality and non-point source pollutants. Available equipment includes manual and automated water sampling equipment, sediment samplers, manual and automated stream flow meters, temperature and dissolved oxygen meters, and sounding equipment.

Representative Projects 


Water Quality Monitoring Services include:

         ●     Lake Monitoring

●     Baseline Environmental Studies
    ●     Stream Monitoring ●     Long-term Trend Analyses
    ●     Macroinvertebrate Studies ●     Data Analysis
    ●     Stormwater Monitoring ●     GIS-linked Water Quality Databases
    ●     Automated Stream Stations ●     TMDL Preparation and Evaluation

F. X. Browne, Inc. is nationally recognized as an expert in water quality studies.
  • Dr. Frank Browne, President, is a co-founder of the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS). Dr. Browne is past director and past secretary of NALMS.
  • Dr. Browne founded the Pennsylvania Lake Management Society (PALMS) and was the first PALMS president. 

Dr. Browne has taught graduate level courses at Villanova University in Stormwater Management, Wastewater Management, and Ecology of Lakes, Streams and Wetlands.

Water Quality and Watershed Modeling 

Many of the watershed management projects performed by F. X. Browne, Inc. include modeling of pollutant loadings and in-stream water quality to develop and/or evaluate TMDLs.

F. X. Browne, Inc. has used a variety of models to evaluate water quality; these models have included Unit Area Loading (UAL) models, statistical models, mass balance models, steady state models such as QUAL2E and DOBAL, and stormwater management models such as the Penn State Runoff Model (PSRM), GWLF, EPA stormwater model (SWMM), AGNPS, BASINS, WASP, STORM, HSPF model, non-point source model, DR3M-QUAL, Pg Urban Catchment model, ANSWERS, CREAMS, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, and TR55. Most of these models were run using water quality and quantity data collected by F. X. Browne, Inc.


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