Wastewater Design and Management

F. X. Browne, Inc. has a proven track record in all aspects of conventional and innovative wastewater management, including feasibility studies, treatment and collection system option analysis, funding and financial analyses, development of wastewater advisory boards and authorities, and the design of cost-effective wastewater treatment plants, plant expansions and upgrades, collection systems and pump stations.  We have designed new plants, upgraded existing plants, designed both gravity and pressure sewer systems, and designed pump stations.  We have experience in both centralized and decentralized wastewater management systems. Our system designs have included all major types of treatment systems, including extended aeration, sequential batch reactors (SBRs), oxidation ditches, biological nutrient control systems, innovative phased isolation ditches, drip irrigation systems, and spray irrigation systems. We provide assistance to clients in setting up the organization for administration and operation of a wastewater program.  We have the expertise to evaluate and design innovative wastewater systems including the Living Machine, pond-wetland treatment systems, STEP systems, and innovative on-site systems.

     Representative Municipal Clients 

     Burlington Township, NJ

     Westfall Township, PA

     Middle Smithfield Township, PA†††††††††††††††

     Coolbaugh Township, PA

     Smithfield Township, PA

     Jim Thorpe Area School District

     Covington Township, PA

     Additional Clients

Cost-Effective Design

We donít design white elephants.We design cost-effective wastewater systems.Unlike some consultants who are used to working with large grant programs (a thing of the past), we have always worked with clients on tight budgets.We design treatment and collection systems that are practical and cost-effective.

For example, we upgraded the Smithfield Township treatment plant from 100,000 gpd to 400,000 gpd.The initial 100,000 gpd plant, designed by another consultant, cost $10 per gallon while our cost-effective 300,000 gpd expansion cost only $4.30 per gallon.

Our innovative 3.65 million gallon per day Phased Isolation Ditch treatment plant for Burlington Township saved the township $4 million in construction costs, thousands of dollars each year in O&M costs, and was awarded the 2004 New Jersey Environmental Excellence Award.

Wetlands Delineation and Permitting

Proposed sewer lines and pump stations often impact regulated wetlands. Our wetland scientists inspect the sites of the proposed sewers to determine whether regulated wetlands will be impacted.If wetlands will be impacted, we try to relocate the sewer lines, minimize the impact, and/or obtain wetland encroachment permits.

Wastewater Management and Design

F. X. Browne, Inc. has the experience and expertise to see a wastewater project from the initial planning stages to the final design and construction stages.We have prepared planning modules, modeled receiving streams to determine effluent standards for treatment plants, designed wastewater treatment plants, spray irrigation systems, and community sand mounds, obtained permits, assisted in bidding projects, and provided construction observation services to ensure proper construction of our designs.

Wastewater services provided by F. X. Browne, Inc. are listed below.

  • Sanitary Sewer Systems (Gravity and Pressure)
  • Pumping Stations
  • On-site Sewage Disposal Systems
  • Tertiary Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Treatment PlantMonitoringand DMR Preparation
  • Sludge Handling and Disposal
  • Wastewater Management Plans
  • Planning Modules and Socio-Economic Impact Reports
  • Wastewater Feasibility Studies
  • Sewerage Rate Studies
  • Sanitary Ordinances
  • Regional Wastewater Management and Planning
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Other F. X. Browne, Inc. services that relate to wastewater management include: 

  • Modeling of Stream Water Quality
  • Treatment Plant Discharge Monitoring
  • Development of Operations and Maintenance Manuals
  • Development of Educational Materials
  • Public Relations and Outreach
  • TMDL Evaluations and Negotiations

Sometimes stream modeling of dissolved oxygen, organic matter and nutrient concentrations is needed to convince DEP or the public that the proposed, expanded, or upgraded treatment plant will not adversely impact stream water quality.F. X. Browne, Inc. is one of the few consultants with expertise in modeling water quality in streams. F. X. Browne, Inc. has specialized water quality and ecological experience that allows us to review and evaluate regulatory TMDLs to determine if the wastewater allocations and effluent limits are valid

F. X. Browne, Inc. has over 35 years of experience in developing educational materials to educate the general public and municipal officials.We have developed fact sheets, brochures, presentations, displays, and newsletters. We have been very successful in educating communities about wastewater treatment and water quality.Good public relations and public education is essential when a wastewater treatment plant is being proposed.

F. X. Browne, Inc. has a 100 percent success rate in developing wastewater management programs that are implemented.In many of our projects we were hired to revise and finalize Wastewater Management Plans that were developed by other consultants.In all cases we developed a plan that was acceptable to township officials, federal and state agencies, and the public.Also, in all cases, the recommendations of our Wastewater Management Plans are being implemented.

We have an excellent rapport with the regulatory agencies and a thorough understanding of local government proce≠dures.We have received 100 percent approval for our numerous treatment plant designs and permits.


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