Low Impact Development and Stormwater Management

Low Impact Development Concept Plan
T.H. Properties, Inc. Biltmore Development,
Skippack Township, PA

F. X. Browne, Inc. developed a low impact development stormwater management concept plan for T. H. Properties for the THP Biltmore Development located in Skippack Township, Montgomery County, PA.  F. X. Browne, Inc. reviewed the original plans for the site and modified the stormwater management plan to reduce infrastructure, improve water quality of the runoff from the site, and enhance the development’s overall aesthetics. 

F. X. Browne, Inc. replaced proposed, expensive subsurface stormwater storage units with less-costly, non-structural best management practices (BMPs) and prepared a low impact stormwater plan for the site. The plan maximizes the use of natural vegetation and other features of the site, resulting in a cost-effective plan that is environmentally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

The proposed low impact design elements for the site include rooftop runoff disconnections, bioretention areas, grass swales, naturalized stormwater detention basins, infiltration basins, and a wetland/pond system.  The table below shows a comparison of the original stormwater management plan by another consultant and the low impact stormwater management plan developed by F. X. Browne, Inc.

Biltmore Site, Stormwater Management Plan Comparison


Original Design

Low Impact Design




Bioretention Areas



Bioretention Swales



Underground Storage (L.F. of pipe)


3,370 (or less)

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