Water Quality Monitoring and Modeling

Speedwell Forge Lake, Lebanon and Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania  

The PA Fish and Boat Commission obtained 319 grant funding to perform a watershed assessment of the Speedwell Forge Lake Watershed. F. X. Browne, Inc. was hired to perform water quality studies and calculate pollutant loadings to the lake, and to identify potential sources of nonpoint source pollution throughout the lake’s watershed. Lake monitoring data were used to assess the health of Speedwell Forge Lake. Both wet and dry weather sampling were performed to document the quality of water entering the lake and to calculate pollutant loads. Detailed watershed investigations were performed to identify nonpoint source problem areas. Information obtained during the watershed investigations was used to recommend restoration alternative methods with respect to cost, effectiveness, environmental impacts, and applicability to the Speedwell Forge Lake watershed. Multiple stakeholders within the watershed, including watershed associations, state officials, and county conservation districts, were interviewed about water quality issues and nonpoint source problems in the watershed. The final outcome of the project was a comprehensive watershed management plan for the Speedwell Forge Lake watershed.


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