Watershed Management and Planning

Pennypack Creek Rivers Conservation Plan
Philadelphia, PA

We are currently working with the Philadelphia Water Department and its partners to develop a Rivers Conservation Plan for the 56-square mile Pennypack Creek Watershed.  Our work includes developing and implementing a multi-phased public education program that includes neighborhood and steering committee meetings, public meetings, key person interviews, citizen surveys, and watershed workshops. 

Concurrently, we are collecting, reviewing, and synthesizing data concerning physical, cultural, and historical watershed characteristics; land use trends, water and habitat quality, and watershed stressors.  We are developing a GIS database that integrated existing GIS from a various of sources. 

Based on the results of the public participation and data synthesis elements, we are working to develop management recommendations for the Pennypack Creek Watershed in several key areas including open space protection, flood control, stormwater management, education and outreach, monitoring, non-point source pollution reduction, and land use planning.


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