Water Quality Monitoring and Modeling

Manasquan River, Monmouth County, New Jersey 

Manasquan River Project Area

We conducted a water quality and sediment loading study for a portion of Manasquan River Watershed in Monmouth County, New Jersey. The 62-mile study area included portions of six municipalities including Wall Township, Colts Neck Township, Howell Township, Freehold Township, and the Borough of Farmingdale. The watershed includes a variety of land uses including urban areas in the western headwaters, large agricultural areas in the central portion of the watershed, and several significant natural areas.

In addition to supporting a diverse and important mosaic of freshwater and estuarine habitats, the Manasquan River is a primary drinking water supply. NJWSA withdrawals raw water from the Manasquan River at an intake located in Wall Township, Monmouth County. Water is diverted to the nearby Manasquan Reservoir to meet the Reservoir’s 30 MGD safe yield requirement. The primary objective of the study was to support NJWSA’s efforts to reduce TSS and turbidity at the Wall Township intake by identifying the largest sources of land and channel derived sediment loading within the intake’s 62 square mile source area watershed.

The Manasquan Non-Point Source Identification Project integrated watershed modeling, existing data review, and remote sensing analysis to maximize the effectiveness of resource-intensive activities such as water quantity monitoring and stream visual assessments.



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