Watershed Management and Planning



Lake Carey Watershed Assessment

Wyoming County, PA

F. X. Browne, Inc. was hired by the Lake Carey Cottagers Association to conduct a detailed evaluation of Lake Carey and its watershed and to develop a comprehensive lake and watershed management plan for the Association to use as a guide to protect the lake.

Lake Carey is a 254-acre lake with a watershed area of 4,173 acres located in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania. F. X. Browne, Inc. collected lake and stream samples at Lake Carey, conducted detailed watershed investigations to identify nonpoint source pollution problem areas, developed a GIS database and maps to evaluate land use, slopes, and particularly soil suitability for on-site wastewater disposal, developed a TMDL for the watershed, and prepared a watershed management plan. The watershed management plan included watershed management practices including the implementation of stormwater BMPs, decentralized wastewater treatment and wastewater planning in general, development of stormwater and low impact development ordinances, and agricultural BMPs. Additionally, the plan included in-lake management recommendations including spot dredging, lake aeration and alum treatment..

As part of this project, we worked closely with volunteers from the Lake Carey Cottager’s Association to develop a plan that met the needs of the Association. We prepared public information sheets and presented the results of our study to the Association in a PowerPoint presentation.


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