Water Quality Monitoring and Modeling

Foster Joseph Sayers Lake
, Centre County, Pennsylvania

Foster Joseph Sayers Lake, a 1730 acre impoundment in Centre County, is located in central Pennsylvania. The lake is located approximately 20 miles northeast of State College and is owned and managed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers - Baltimore District (COE). It is a very important natural resource for the residents of Centre County and surrounding areas.

The Foster Joseph Sayers Lake watershed assessment project involved collecting lake data, analyzing lake and stream data, evaluating lake and watershed characteristics, performing watershed investigations, developing pollutant budgets for the lake, and developing a comprehensive lake and watershed management plan. The pollutant budgets (phosphorus, nitrogen, and suspended solids) will be determined for the major subdrainage areas that comprise the Foster Joseph Sayers Lake watershed. The final product was a report which addressed the ecological health of the lake, identified the major sources of non-point pollution to the lake, prioritized the major sources of non-point pollution to the lake, and provided a technically-sound management plan in order to reduce non-point source pollution to the contributory streams and subsequently the lake.


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