Wastewater Design and Management

Covington Township Sewer Authority
Lackawanna County, PA

F. X. Browne, Inc. revised the township Wastewater Management Plan and performed on-lot soil testing using a rubber wheeled backhoe to do pit tests on over one hundred suspected malfunctioning septic systems.  We also conducted an extensive stream and well water quality monitoring study to obtain background water quality information on the surface and groundwater resources in Covington Township.  Based on our in-depth study, we recommended that a regional wastewater collection system and treatment plant be constructed by the Township Sewer Authority.  We evaluated and recommended service areas, a plant site, and user fees. 

We obtained a 5 year, 1 percent PENNVEST loan to design and construct the wastewater treatment plant and collection system.  F. X. Browne, Inc. designed a 200,000 gpd SBR treatment plant, 12 miles of both gravity and pressure sewer lines, and six pumping stations.  The collection system was designed to minimize the impact on wetlands and community facilities. It was also designed to minimize construction costs.


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