Low Impact Development and Stormwater Management

Low Impact Development Stormwater Plan
Country View at Salford, Salford Township, PA

F. X. Browne, Inc. prepared a low impact development plan and detailed design of the proposed best management practices (BMPs) for the proposed w.b. Homes, Inc. Country View at Salford residential development. 

This low impact management plan included infiltration of rooftop runoff, eighteen biorentention areas, fourteen biofiltration swales, and two bioretention swales.  Lastly, naturalized stormwater basins were included for temporary storage of excess runoff from storms greater than the 2-year storm.  Natural vegetated areas were retained where possible and will provide privacy between residences and recreation opportunities.    As designed, the BMPs not only meet the NPDES Phase II requirements of treating the increase in runoff from pre-development to post-development from a 2-year/24-hour frequency storm, but will infiltrate the entire difference in stormwater volume.  Consequently, the development will generate no net increase in runoff from the site during the 2-year storm.


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